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Award banquets

When your team deserves accolades for all their accomplishments, what better way than to host a banquet to go with the awards ceremony? An Awards ceremony is the highlight of an industry’s calendar, there’s excitement, theatre and of course celebration. Making it memorable is all about knowing your audience and making it relevant and meaningful to them. Awards Banquet is arranged to recognize exceptional talents, faculty/Staff, and Resource/Team, honor an outstanding alumnus, and pay tribute.

Annual-Day-Appreciation-at-Award-Banquet Award-Banquet-AON Award-Banquet-Appreciation
Award-Banquet-Bostik Award-Banquet-ITP-Bangalore Award-Banquet-Kaff
Compuage-Infocom-Award-Banquet ITP-Bangalore Peoples-Fiesta--Award-Banquet


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